1. Truth! Does it? All signs point to HELL NO!

  3. http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/e-cigarette-infographic/#.U8M33rGKj59

    Check it out. Educational beyond belief! Thanks to the fine peeps at ECF for putting this together.

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    Real VS Fake Sony batteries

    Via: http://www.sun-vapers.com/

    Fantastic article over on Sun-Vapers.com.  They learned that fake Sony batteries were being sold on e-Bay.  They purchased said batteries and found a multitude of differences between the real and e-bay bought Sony VTC5 batteries. 

    Very interesting article, as I have recently purchased many batteries on e-Bay myself.  Lots of good information here.  Thanks to sun-vapers for taking the time to meticulously go over every small detail of these batteries. 

    Moral of the story is be careful out there on e-Bay everyone! Sun vapers also took the times to not only inspect the batteries, but to test them as well.  

    Head over to Sun-Vapers.com and check out the full article. 


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  6. It’s true! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  7. Truth. There is never enough fog.

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    New Vape Meme for your viewing pleasure. Happy humpday everyone!

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    Harvard Study:  Ecigs are NOT a gateway to smoking

    VIA: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/

    Electronic cigarettes are not a “gateway” to smoking normal cigarettes with just 1% of non-smokers having tried them, according to the largest ever EU study published on the subject.

    The findings in the Journal of Tobacco Studies, which assessed 26,500 consumers across Europe, “verifies” that vapers will not move onto conventional cigarettes.

    Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found e-cigarette users were mostly young aged between 15 and 24 and were heavy smokers who switched to electronic cigs in order to quit real ones.

    Some 20% of smokers tried an e-cigarette at least once compared to 4% of former smokers while only 1.1% of non-smokers had used an e-cigarette.

    The Harvard study estimates that 29 million Europeans have tried an e-cigarette.

    Konstantinos Farsalinos, cardiologist at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre in Athens, told the New Scientist: “This study verifies that e-cigarette use does not renormalise smoking. The results show minimal adoption by non-smokers.”

    It endorses a report by Public Health England in May that switching to electronic cigarettes as an alternative and “much safer” source of nicotine has enormous potential to reach smokers. It also stated e-cigarettes and other nicotine devices offered vast potential health benefits and that theopportunity ”should not be missed” with proper regulation to be part of public health policy.

    The controversy over the use of e-cigarettes has, however, divided opinion.

    Read the full article HERE